Basics Of Photography: 2 in 1 Learn to Capture and Edit images (Learn Photography)

Newly updated. 2x pages, with basics of editing. Reviews no longer represent this book. I fixed all grammatical errors, the length, and updated it with more information.

Take your first steps into digital Photography and Now Digital Editing

There are many books to choose from, but many are boring, hard to understand, overwhelming, and long. This book is straight to the point, with helpful images, and all the information needed to take and edit great photographs.

Stop Wasting Your Money and Time
You’ve spent hundreds on a camera and camera gear but still take subpar images. You still use auto mode and just point and shoot. STOP IT. I will show you how to take advantage of manual mode and start taking stunning images.
I’ve spent all the time for you. Since the age of 12, I’ve been learning photography and different techniques. I went through hundreds of blogs, articles, and books. You get to reap the benefits in part 1 of my learn photography series.

13 More Things You will learn
Along with manual mode you will learn:

  • How to edit images
  • What editing terms mean
  • What all the modes on your camera do
  • What photography terms mean
  • How to use manual mode (what’s iso, aperture, shutter speed) -manual photography
  • What focus mode to use
  • What drive mode to use
  • Whether to choose jpeg or raw
  • The effects of white balances
  • How to compose your photograph
  • What each lense does and when to use it
  • How to clean your camera and lens
  • How to choose a memory card
  • And More

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Need another reason to buy this book?

  • No prior knowledge needed
  • Highly illustrated (full color)
  • Easy to understand
  • All the information needed to take great photographs
  • Easy to refer back to

>>> About the Author
Diego is a photographer from California. He started photography at the age of 12 and since then he’s been learning everything he can to get better. He wanted to put all of these techniques he’s learned through the years into a single book while still being understandable and fun to read. You can see his portfolio on his website

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