Essential Photoshop: How to use 9 essential tools and techniques to transform your photography

Learn 9 Techniques and Become Confident with Photoshop

Any version from Photoshop 6 to the latest Photoshop CC

In this clearly explained and well-illustrated book, Landscape Photographer Robin Whalley guides you through the maze that’s Photoshop. With step by step instruction you quickly learn the essential tools and techniques. More importantly you discover most of Photoshop can be ignored. To edit and enhance photography, you only need a handful of techniques.

This impressive little book was developed specifically for photographers. It’s structure and language make it accessible and easily understood, even by the novice user. Despite this, seasoned Photoshop users can also learn a thing or two.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve previously tried and failed to learn Photoshop. This book will cut through the confusion of Photoshop options. By focussing on the key tools and techniques, it’s possible to make sense of and quickly master Photoshop. A few powerful tools have been a constant in Photoshop for many years and for good reason. These are the same tools and techniques professional image editors turn to daily.

Following this book and you quickly learn:

  • To evaluate images, quickly identify the necessary adjustments.
  • How to navigate the confusing Photoshop interface, allowing you to work quickly and confidently.
  • How to remove dust spots and unwanted objects to clean up your photos.
  • Master the confusing Photoshop curves tool. One of the most powerful adjustment you can use.
  • How to perform colour correction to make images more appealing.
  • How to work with layers for special effects and control over your editing.
  • To create and work with masks for seamless, targeted image enhancements.
  • About different Color Space adjustments so your photography always looks good.

By the end of this book you will feel confident in using Photoshop to enhance and transform your photography.

The book is illustrated throughout with well-structured examples. Supporting image files can be downloaded from the author’s website, allowing you to follow along on your own computer. This book is packed with techniques, advice and guidance to ensure you’re quickly work effectively with Photoshop.

Don’t delay learning Photoshop. Get this book.

Essential Photoshop: How to use 9 essential tools and techniques to transform your photography | ebooker | 4.5