“Fantasy background” Drawing classroom How to Draw Fantasy Landscapes with Photoshop! 「ファンタジー背景」描き方教室 Photoshopで描く! [BOOK – JAPANESE EDITION 2016]

単行本 BOOK : 208 pages Publisher: SBクリエイティブ (October 29, 2016) Language: 日本語 JAPANESE ISBN-10: 4797387645 ISBN-13: 978-4797387643 Release Date: October 29, 2016 Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 7.1 x 0.6 inches One book condensing know-how in drawing the background of fantasy taste. From the landscape of the royal road fantasy such as “blue sky and steppe”, “castle town at dusk”, “wizard’s room”, scenery reminiscent of dark fantasy such as “rain cave” “burning city” is an impressive I will explain the concepts and techniques I would like to know to draw the background. I will carefully follow the drawing style of 10 in the making format carefully. Especially regarding the key technique, we picked up the page and picked it up as a collection of techniques. It is packed with unique unique digital work. Recommended for those who want to learn professional thinking and skills and aim for improvement in skill! ▼ Content composition Introduction Basics of Digital Illustration Scene.1 Prairie and blue sky – The tips to draw in a short time and the tips to draw in later Scene.2 Secret garden – a gorgeous and tender world Scene.3 Wizard’s room – interior design and harmony with characters Scene.4 Castle Town at dusk – Design of the building and air feeling in the evening Scene.5 Rain cliff – an eerie and cold world Perspective Perth basics Scene.6 Hot Spring Inn at Night – Japanese style fantasy and expression of snowing night Scene.7 Ruins of forest – composition of golden ratio and expression of weathering Scene.8 Palace in the sky – how to draw magnificent background Scene.9 Wasted city of ignoring – dark design and expression of lava Scene.10 The city of steam and machinery – the world of steam punk

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