Getting Started in Photography: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Taking Great Pictures

Ready to learn the art and science of creating stunning photographs? This book will get you started. It provides specifics for getting started with photography and taking control of your camera. You’ll find everything you need to capture the incredible photos you’ve been after, including: -choosing the best camera and gear, -setting up your camera to capture the best photos possible, -mastering the exposure process, -taking sharp photos, -turning snapshots into compositions, -editing your photos quickly and easily (without using Photoshop), -displaying your photos online or in print. The difference between this book and other “intro to photography” guides is that this one is set up as a path to follow rather than just a cursory list of concepts and options. It will make you a better photographer in a much shorter time. As an added bonus, you’ll find free videos and tutorials at Outdoor Photo Academy to build upon the foundation provided in this book.

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