How to Process Nightscapes and Time-Lapses: Volume 2 (Nightscapes & Time-Lapses)

Volume 2 of my 2-volume Nightscapes and Time-Lapse set describes:
• How to process still image “nightscapes” – images of landscapes taken at night by the light of the Moon or stars, and …
• How to process and assemble time-lapse movies of the stars and Milky Way turning above Earthly scenes, all using DSLR cameras.

The 435-page ebook includes —
50 Step-by-Step Tutorials on how to use software:
• Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop and Lightroom
• DxO PhotoLab, ON1 Photo Raw, and Affinity Photo image processing programs (non-subscription alternatives to Adobe)
• LRTimelapse advanced time-lapse software
• Starry Landscape Stacker and Sequator stacking programs
• Advanced Stacker Actions and StarStaX star trail programs
• PTGui panorama stitching software
• TLDF and Sequence time-lapse assembly software
and more!

You’ll learn —
• How to develop Raw files, the essential first step to great images and movies.
• How to process nightscape stills using techniques such as compositing multiple exposures, masking ground and sky, and using non-destructive adjustment layers and smart filters.
• How to stitch panoramas of the night sky and Milky Way, using Camera Raw, Photoshop, and PTGui software.
• How to stack star trail images made of hundreds of frames.
• How to process hundreds of time-lapse frames using Adobe Camera Raw, Bridge, Photoshop, and Lightroom.
• How to assemble time-lapse movies from those same hundreds of frames.
• How to process advanced “Holy Grail” time-lapse transitions from day to night
• How to use time-lapse processing tools such as LRTimelapse, Panolapse, Sequence, TLDF, Timelapse Workflow, and Advanced Stacker Actions

NOTE: Volume 2 does NOT cover any topics and techniques for taking images, just the post-processing. Volume 1 covers photography.

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What’s in the book —
• Getting Started
• Chapter 1: Processing Still Images – Basic
• Chapter 2: Processing Still Images – Advanced
• Chapter 3: Processing Time-Lapse Movies – Basic
• Chapter 4: Processing Time-Lapse Movies – Advanced
• Chapter 5: The Final Cut
• Appendix: Learning More and Being Inspired

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NOTE: The ebook is a large download and a high-resolution file to preserve the details in software screenshots to allow zooming in to see menus and image details.

ALSO NOTE: The blue internal hyperlinks and hyperlinks to external websites worked with the file produced by Kindle Textbook Creator. But they seem NOT to work with the “packaged” version that KTC then exports and uploads to Amazon. So, throughout the book I have provided URLs for critical links, for you to copy and paste into your browser, for manually going to the websites and videos pointed to. Sorry for the inconvenience!

About the Author

Alan Dyer has authored or co-authored several traditional print guidebooks for amateur astronomers, notably The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide with Terence Dickinson, available at most bookstores and on-line outlets.
His photos have appeared in calendars and in print magazines such as SkyNews, Astronomy, Sky and Telescope, Canadian Geographic, TIME, and National Geographic. They’ve been featured on websites such as,,,, and Astronomy Picture of the Day.
Alan serves as a contributing editor to the magazines SkyNews and Sky and Telescope.
He is a member of the exclusive The World at Night photography group.

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