How To Use Photoshop Elements 11 To Make The People In Your Photos Look Their Best

This Book Shows You Exactly How To Use Photoshop Elements 11
To Make The People In Your Photos Look Their Best

  • Do you wish someone would take the time to clearly explain how to do things in Photoshop Elements?
  • Do you ever wonder if you’re using the best tool for the job?
  • Are you frustrated by instructions for Photoshop Elements that leave out parts assuming that you already know how to do that?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have clear instructions and illustrations that show exactly what it looks like?
  • Do you wonder if you’ll ever get the hang of using Photoshop Elements?

These are all common concerns from users of Photoshop Elements.

That’s why this book has over 300 illustrations and uses normal everyday language to explain how to do each technique.

You’ll find clear instructions for these sought-after retouching techniques:

  1. How To Sharpen Blurry Photos
  2. How To Fix Closed Eyes
  3. How To Remove Blemishes
  4. How To Lighten Dark Circles Under Eyes
  5. How To Whiten Teeth
  6. How To Whiten Eyes
  7. How To Enhance Eyes
  8. How To Smooth Skin
  9. How To Tone Down Red Skin
  10. How To Tone Down Hot Spots
  11. How To Fix Fly-Away Hair
  12. How To Remove A Few Pounds
  13. How To Minimize Wrinkles

Is This Book For Beginners?
You might say that it’s for experienced beginners but probably not complete newbies. You should at least have a vague understanding of what Layers and Layer Masks are.

But even if you don’t completely understand Layers you’ll probably gain a much more solid understanding as you’re walked through different ways of using Layers.

Part 1 of this book is very detailed in its explanations and has several illustrations to make each step crystal clear.

Part 2 of the book is a condensed version of each technique if you don’t need every little detail explained. It just has the basic steps spelled out in order to help jog your memory when working through the technique.

If you’re ready to make the people in your photos look their best by using Photoshop Elements 11…
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