Paths to Artistic Imaging in Photoshop. How to Create Stunning Photographic Art From Capture to Processing.

NOTE: From early Feb 15 this book will no longer be available here. The price has been discounted to $30 from $59.95 until then, so don’t miss your last chance to grab one before it’s gone! “There is only one person on the planet who can write a better Photoshop book than I can and that’s Russell Brown. To be more specific, that is Russell J Brown from Australia. This book might be the best Photoshop book that I never wrote. It is more than the average stuff about quick keys and new features. This book is about creative ideas! These days that is a refreshing break from the norm. This clearly demonstrates the power of the Russell Brown name to deliver quality anywhere in the world!” – Russell Preston Brown, Principal Creative Director, Adobe Systems. What are the newest possibilities for turning your photos into art? These are the more advanced techniques. The harder to find information that shows you how to take your work to a much more eye-catching place. Russell Brown is a photographer and digital artist with over 30 years experience. His rare and innovative methods will show you how to make your images into something special. You will be taken through clever ways to apply some of the most exciting techniques in digital imaging today, plus a few old, hidden gems that you may not have even known about. Topics covered include: ➢ Magic in the LAB colour space ➢ Digital Infrared ➢ Creative High Dynamic Range photography ➢ Focus Stacking for virtually unlimited depth of field ➢ Creative texture application ➢ Low light and extended exposures ➢ Plus a whole chapter of useful tips and helpful ideas. If you’ve become accomplished at shooting and processing your images in standard ways in Photoshop but now you need more, the wealth of information in this book is for you. Lavishly illustrated with the author’s own artwork, this book will inspire your creativity to produce truly outstanding work and is one you will be proud to own.

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