Photography: Photoshop How-to’s for a Flawless Face Finish Digital Photography and Portrait Photography

Photography – Photoshop How-to’s for a Flawless Face Finish Digital Photography and Portrait Photography


Photography is complex but you can achieve it with a little knowledge of how your DSLR works and being able to adjust it to the right settings, as well as being aware of the position of your model and the way that the face is captured. There’s a world of difference between a well composed portrait and a snapshot and this book bridges the gap in your knowledge that will enable you to advance from being an enthusiastic amateur to being a capable photographer.

Remember, a portrait perfectly captured is a moment in time caught in artistic format and memories are made of these. This is why it’s essential you learn how to
treasure those photographic opportunities

Photography, Highlights:

  • How to master the use of poses, including the rule of thirds and creative arrangement of groups
  • Using modes and shutter speeds to enhance the quality of portraits, including the relations between aperture and shutter settings
  • How to maximize the benefits of natural outdoor and indoor lighting sources
  • How to correct white balance and use Photoshop features to correct flaws in portraits.

The portraits that you produce and edit in Photoshop can be stunningly beautiful. This book shows different ways to compose portraits, and there are of course, many more that you may want to try. Groups and single portraits call for different kinds of composition, and you always have the traditional to fall back on for classic styles of family groups or for couples who want a special picture to commemorate an occasion in their lives.

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