Photoshop Book: Real life Creative Project Examples of World Class Photos Using Photoshop Manipulation Techniques (A Beginners Guide to Mastering Graphic … Photoshop and Digital Photography Book 1)

Are you excited about Photoshop but not how to use the features?

Check out our high quality examples of advanced Photoshop features in this book.

A book dedicated to walking you through how to use Photoshop on a more advanced level. These examples represent nearly 90% of the work done in Photoshop on a daily basis. These examples range from changing the eye color of an individual, completely changing the background of a person, developing oval-type portraits and much more.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Book:

  • Basic Photoshop Tools
  • Example to use Gaussian Filters
  • Example to use Blurring in Photoshop
  • Color Grading Photoshop Example
  • Layers Photoshop Example
  • Attractive Text Effects Photoshop Example
  • Scaling and Resizing Photoshop Example
  • Color Manipulation Photoshop Example
  • Photoshop Keyborad Shortcuts

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