Photoshop: How to Use the Toolbar

For beginner and intermediate users, Adobe’s Photoshop software can be overwhelming with its vast amount of tools and features. Although diving right into the program is a good way to learn, investing the time to learn the basics can go a long way towards understanding how to use Photoshop.

Photoshop’s toolbar is one of the most important features of the program. Even tools that seem simple and straightforward can cause confusion and frustration. By taking the time to read about how to use each tool, you’ll eliminate the frustration that many beginners and intermediate users experience.

Unlike many books on Photoshop, this is more than just a giant tutorial. This book guides you through each tool on the toolbar, including the tools in the submenus. There are no files to download. Every example uses a blank canvas, or you can use any photo from your computer. Simple explanations make following along easy, and information is frequently repeated to make sure some of the best tips and tricks are well remembered.

What you’ll learn in this book:
•Learn how to use each tool through easy to understand explanations and examples.
•Learn about each tool’s options in the options bar.
•Learn keyboard shortcuts and tips on how to make Photoshop easy to use.
•Learn how to use many of Photoshop’s others features.

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate user, this book will be one of the best investments you make towards becoming a Photoshop pro.

Photoshop: How to Use the Toolbar | ebooker | 4.5