The Guide to Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019: The tools and how to use them to create great-looking photos on your home computer

There’s no better way to clean up and enhance your digital photos than with Photoshop Elements – Adobe’s affordable and feature-packed photo editing program. • How to correct color, erase blemishes and enhance your digital photos to make your good pictures look great! • How to use selections, layers, layer groups, effects and filters to take full advantage of Photoshop Elements’ powerful tools. • How to use the Quick Edit and Guided Edit workspaces to create cool new effects for your photos almost automatically! • How to use the amazing Facial Features Adjustment and Open Eyes tools to make good portraits look great. • How to prepare photos, graphics and slideshows for use in Premiere Elements and other video editing programs. • How to edit – and even create your own – custom DVD menu templates for Premiere Elements.

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