The Ultimate Photography Textbook

The Ultimate Photography Textbook was written by me as a work of love. With 290 pages, and with 144 pages containing images, the book is targeted as a textbook that can take a new photographer all the way to semi-professional level. Beginner or Pro, there is something in this book for all levels of photographers. Below is a partial list of words and phrases that will be discussed in detail in the book. If you have ever heard of any of these words and wondered what they mean, then this is the book for you: Aperture, F/stop, Depth of Field, Hyperfocal Distance, Crop Frame Sensor, Full Frame Sensor, Inverse Square Law, Barrel Distortion, Black Body Radiator, White Balance, Auto White Balance, Bounce Lighting, Broad Lighting, Short Lighting, Butterfly Lighting, Chromatic Aberration, Circle of Confusion, Color Correction, Color Temperature, Perspective, Converging Lines, Exposure Value, Filters, Fill Light, Flags, Focal Length, Flat Lighting, Framing, Golden Ratio, Guide Number, Hair Light, High Key Image, Low Key Image, Contrast, Key Light, Key Shifting, Hard Light, Soft Light, Incident Mode, Grey Card, Image Stabilization, Lens Aberrations, Lens Diffraction, Neutral Density Filter, Polarizing Filter, Lumisphere, Light Meters, Models, Makeup Artist (MUA), Rembrandt Lighting, Scrim, S-Curves, Posing, Snoot, Softbox, Split Lighting, Stacking, Property Release, Model Release, Raw, Reflector, Sensor Resolution, Umbrellas, Tilt-Shift-Lenses, Through the Lens (TTL), Vignetting, Speed Lights, RAW, JPG, Prime Lens, Wide Angle Lens, Telephoto Lens, PPI, Pincushion Distortion, Pixel, Field of View, Lightroom, Photoshop, Photographing Children, Histogram, Shutter, Lighting Ratio, Kicker, Head Shots, Studio, Shooting outdoors, Natural Lighting, Stops, Model Mayhem

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